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What is a Whiteroom?

A Whiteroom makes any office space into a more resilient private area. The risk of conversation leaks doesn’t always relate to your competitors. Internal matters can be the most important to keep confidential, and highly damaging if leaked.

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Less than 60% of organisations have a specific Whiteroom/War Room to conduct emergency meetings or sensitive strategy discussions



Whiterooms ensure a continuous and private place to work and conduct meetings.

They can be used to discuss sensitive work streams such as strategy, HR, mergers and acquisitions, as well as a place to manage crisis situations.

‘TSCM can cost as little as 0.05% of your security budget-industrial espionage can cost you your business.’

Crispin Sturrock, Founder

Audio Privacy

Never have to whisper again

Visual Privacy

Keeping you covered from all angles


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