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Whiterock is a services delivery company that protects high-value meetings, ideas, and conversations against the threat of espionage.

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Our mission is to detect, measure, deter and prevent espionage attacks and unintentional information leaks.

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We are a unique, personal, and discrete service taking great care in supporting our global clients’ privacy risk.

Our Story

In 1995 the corporate counter espionage business in the UK was so niche that only a handful of professionals could help businesses in managing the risk of loss of their confidential business information. In February 1995, the founders of Whiterock travelled to the United States with the goal to start their research on espionage and counter espionage technology. The United States proved to be a very rich source of information, where Whiterock created productive and longstanding relationships with many expert TSCM practitioners.

Cope Whiterock Limited was incorporated in the same year, June 1995 as a Research and Development Company, evolving rapidly and acquiring several global clients, some of whom we still look after today. Whiterock has always been a holistic and versatile company that has led several industry-wide initiatives in the UK. In 2000, Whiterock brought out an industry newsletter sustaining the publication for 16 years. We have been founders of the industry organisations both in the United States Espionage Research Institute https://erii.org/

and the UK TSCM Institute https://www.tscmi.org/ and played a significant role in helping to develop the National Occupational Standards


for the counter espionage industry in the UK. In addition to being the counter espionage purists, our team is experienced in real-time espionage threats, analogue encryption, data analytics and mobile detection technology.

Our extensive experience comes together in the Whiterock brand, which throughout the years has evolved on par with the business and modernisation of the technology.

Since 2003, the Whiterock brand has been based on a Family Crest issued to Crispin Sturrock by the College of Arms https://www.college-of-arms.gov.uk/ in the UK.

The Crest is a powerful symbol and full of hidden meanings, where the three-headed lion is wearing a cape or cope in old English, inspiration to the company name, Cope Whiterock Limited. The key overlapping the dagger translates into ‘Security over Espionage’, thus representing the true and pure essence of Whiterock.







Focused on R&D


Whiterock Crest


WhiteNews™ Launch


WhiteRoom™ Development


Development of ORCA-X TSCM Management System


ISO and IIP Standard


WhiteRoom™ Launch V1


New Management; Licensed Thermology Technology


Internal restructuring; new departments; new WhiteNews™ and WhiteSparks™


WhiteRock Global; SMART™ Launch


WhiteRoom™ v2 Launch


Whiterock Privacy Cover™


Formation of Mobilewatch Limited


25 Years Anniversary


World Launch

management Team

Crispin Sturrock

Crispin founded Whiterock in 1995 with the vision to develop new and innovative ideas of understanding, exposing, and measuring the risk of corporate espionage and combatting unauthorised surveillance. Crispin started his career in the security industry in 1980 as one of the executive directors in a security firm that he expanded into a national chain. Due to his creative nature, Crispin has been in the forefront of many new and fresh TSCM innovations and initiatives with the aim to modernising the industry and making it more transparent. With this experience and knowledge Crispin co-founded Mobilewatch Ltd in 2016 and has created an effective end-point security solution to address a clear and growing privacy threat from mobile devices.

Crispin is an acknowledged and respected professional in the security sector and is a member of numerous professional organisations. He loves art and photography and is passionate about film editing and technology.

Raili Maripuu

Raili is a passionate expert in identifying and driving strategic growth in new niche markets involving innovation, IP, corporate security, compliance, and regulation technologies. She joined Whiterock in 2006, running the company for 9 years, taking a more strategic role on the Board of Directors in 2015. Over the course of her 15-year directorship at Whiterock, Raili has been driving many new TSCM initiatives with the aim to modernising the industry and its service provision. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial and international management experience, she continues to develop Whiterock’s strategy and drive new innovations.

Raili is passionate about her family, yoga, environment as well as local communities and likes to give back by volunteering and teaching yoga on a regular basis.

Catherine Sadler

Catherine is Whiterock’s Managing Director joining the company in March 2021. Her key responsibility is the day-to-day management of the company, but she also works closely with the directors on all aspects of Whiterock’s strategic direction. Catherine’s background comes from the care sector management, where she worked and thrived for over 10 years. Whiterock offers Catherine a fresh challenge and an opportunity to implement her excellent operational skills in a new and exciting industry.

Catherine’s passion has always been horse-riding, she competes in show jumping and eventing, and is also a keen runner.

Join our Team

Whiterock is always interested to hear from talented and like-minded individuals, with a technical or creative background. We are looking for those who are passionate about delivering a high quality service, and enjoy the challenge of creating new and innovative technology.