Consultancy Cover

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Consultancy Cover

What is Consultancy Cover?

Expert advice on compliance, policy, and risk assessments. How to manage crisis situations, and promoting a culture of espionage awareness

Awareness Sessions

Educating your organisation to recognise the risk and nature of unauthorised surveillance and other forms of confidential business information theft.

The sessions cover:

  • the risks of information leaks, loss, and exposure
  • the value of confidential business information
  • the significant damage of information falling into competitors’ hands

Compliance and Policy

Ensuring that relevant policies, guidelines, procedures and other internal rules and regulations include the necessary measures to achieve a holistic information security cover within an organisation.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management is an integral part of an organisation’s policy and overall business continuity planning. Whiterock runs specific scenarios for relevant departmental staff and executives to prepare the organisation to deal with a live loss of information through unauthorised surveillance.

Risk Assessments

Our risk assessments provide a crucial snapshot of how vulnerable your organisation is to a physical espionage attack, including the deployment of unauthorised surveillance equipment and typical threats to your confidential business information.

A third of UK employees throw sensitive documents in the bin instead of shredding them

67% of confidential meetings have personal mobile smartphones which could record, be hacked, or accidentally transmit the conversation live anywhere in the world

69% of organisations would not know who to respond to, or who is responsible for reporting a live unauthorised surveillance incident

70% of organisations do not have a counter espionage plan within their organisation's policy


Promoting a culture of awareness and change in behaviour, employees who are better equipped to recognise and prevent information loss.


A strong set of policies and procedures are essential to ensure that your business operations are consistent, compliant and resilient. We review your security policies in relation to espionage risk, advising on areas of vulnerability, and how to avoid or address them.


Preparation for how to respond in a crisis is key to effective containment, minimising reputational and financial damages, as well as avoiding panic and chaos.


Understanding your espionage threat risk and where the organisation is vulnerable to unauthorised surveillance should form a critical part of any business function and will help guide and develop protective countermeasures for now and the future.

‘The majority of information leakage occurs due to human error but can be easily avoided by basic corporate espionage awareness training.’

Crispin Sturrock, Founder

‘Security of information is an area between physical security of people/property and IT security that is often given insufficient priority in security planning. It is however, an area where successful penetration could lead to serious damage and loss of reputation.’

Geoff Whitfield, Whiterock Ex-Chairman

‘Knowledge itself is power.’

Sir Francis Bacon, Philosopher

‘Discovery is cost-effective, but clean-up and damage repair is expensive.’

Whiterock Whitenews, 2008

Audit Cover

A traditional bug sweep service to identify the presence of unauthorised surveillance devices, technical security weaknesses, and increase information resilience

Event Cover

A start to finish solution protecting external events and off-site meetings from live unauthorised surveillance and eavesdropping

Whiteroom 24/7 Cover

Transform any room into a safe space to discuss confidential conversations, free from the risk of unauthorised surveillance and eavesdropping