What are your vulnerabilities?

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What is Audit cover?

A traditional (TSCM) bug sweep service to detect the presence of unauthorised surveillance devices. We look for technical security weaknesses, risk of confidential information loss, and how to maintain a clean business environment.

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In 2018-2021, the use of unauthorised wireless keyboards in confidential environments increased [by] 36%



Office audits increase your organisation’s resilience against the threat of information loss by a combination of tests and measurements to detect any unauthorised surveillance.

‘The exponential growth of technology has made the acquisition of confidential information very simple. Defending your ideas, aspirations, strategies and shareholders’ interests is now a necessity.’

Raili Maripuu, Director

Event Cover

A start to finish solution protecting external events and off-site meetings from live unauthorised surveillance and eavesdropping

Consultancy Cover

Expert advice on compliance, policy, and risk assessments. How to manage crisis situations, and promoting a culture of espionage awareness

Whiteroom 24/7 Cover

Transform any room into a safe space to discuss confidential conversations, free from the risk of unauthorised surveillance and eavesdropping