Whitenews Issue 8

Insider threats- do you know who is in your building right now?

Four commonly used methods to access high-value information

Folder Encryption: A data management must – encrypt files individually, with independent passwords, to provide a more manageable file security solution

Blackberry faces pressure from the United Arab Emirates to provide their government access to the encrypted messages on its BES system amidst fears of the threat of espionage from neighbouring Israel, as well as the UK and USA

Top 8 in Counter Espionage- Tough Measures required.  America’s most secretive companies and the steps they take to protect their information

WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange released a classified video showing the deaths of two journalists in Iraq and detailed references to operational and tactical secrets of the Afghanistan War

The case reveals ‘espionage laws have remained grossly outdated’ and leads to calls to reform US Espionage Laws

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