Whitenews Issue 2

Social Engineering Special- with access to trade secrets having values of billions of pounds, the ability to exploit human social and psychological behaviour patterns to obtain an edge has grown from a grey area into a black art

Fibre Optics-an easy way to Wiretap. Inducting a wire to form a wiretap is a technique that has been used by countless surveillance specialists over the years, new optic networks are still just as high a risk

Case study-An Executive’s Hunch and Whiterock’s Social Engineering Counter Measures prevent a huge information gathering attempt by a competitor for a high value deal

Whiterock invited to present at the European Banking Forum- Crispin Sturrock discusses ‘Commercial Reality: Espionage Threat and Countermeasures’

Mark Hanna from Nomura argues the case for TCSM- ‘a perfect example of one such area that is frequently overlooked and yet one that has the potential to cause severe damage to any business or individual’

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