Whitenews Issue 17

Ex-Employees consider stealing trade secrets normal- 50% of employees who switched jobs or were let go in 2011, kept copies of confidential corporate information when they left the company

Taiwan toughens Trade Secrets Act- those caught face up to 10 years imprisonment, as well as fines up to NT$50 million (U$1.7million)

Corporate Fraud-The average organisation loses 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. It poses a major threat to businesses and cost the UK economy over £73 billion in 2012

A new technology to wirelessly transmit data using visible light instead of radio frequencies is launched. An exciting development, but new means and opportunity for unauthorised surveillance

China blocking VPNs to spy on businesses? – the Chinese government is now blocking internet services at a more advanced level, reportedly as a means to spy on global firms doing business in China

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